Brazil – Barra Estate Pulped Natural

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Country: Brazil
Region: Poços de Caldas
Precessing station: Barra Estate
Altitide: 950 – 1300 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: Yellow Catuaí and Mundo Nova
Procesing: pulped natural
Taste: dark chocolate, plums, red wine

Barra Estate is located in the unique volcanic terroir of Poços de Caldas. Thanks to its location on the edge of a volcanic caldera (crater) at an altitude of 950 to 1300 meters above sea level, the farm has unique conditions for growing and producing speciality coffee with unique taste profiles.
The farm was founded in 1966 by José Gonçalves’ father. Today, José leads it together with his three sons Tiago, Felipe and André. The total area of fazenda (Portuguese for farm) is 190 hectares, of which 120 are used for coffee growing. All coffee is collected here by hand, because the terrain is very steep and the technology has no chance to get to the coffee trees. In total, they employ about 250 collectors during the season, who collect and process around 800 bags of green coffee.

After hand picking, the ripe cherries are transported to the farm, where they are processed directly as pulped natural. It is a local way of better known honey processing. The cherries are peeled to remove the skin, but the flesh remains with all the sugars on the seed. When drying on the terraces, which lasts 10-14 days, all juices and sugars are in contact with the seed. Via this process the wonderful fullness and sweetness of this coffee is achieved. After drying, the coffee “rests” in wooden vats for 20 days. It is the time needed to stabilize the processes that are still going on in the seed. Subsequently, the coffee is peeled from its last cover, so-called parchment, and packed in sacks for export.

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