Rwanda – Horizon Natural

Country: Rwanda
Region: Kigoma
Altitude: 1650 m
Variety: Red Bourbon
Processing: natural
Taste profile: strawberries, cream, lemonade

Rwanda, like almost every coffee-growing country, has had a turbulent past. But thanks to the hard work of Rwandan women, ideal natural conditions, and a great bourbon variety, the coffee from this small African country has become known to roasters of specialty coffee from all over the world. And we are no exception.

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This coffee comes from the southern region of Rwanda, where the Horizon station is located near the town of Simbi. Its owner, Fidele, is not from this area, so his beginnings there were difficult. Fidele employs 94 people, 4 of them full-time. The Horizon station stands at an altitude of 1680 meters and includes farms within a radius of 2 kilometers. Some of them are located at altitudes of up to 2000 meters. 1200 farmers are involved in harvesting coffee cherries, and their farms have an average of 7000 coffee trees, which usually amounts to 3 hectares.


The year 2021 was the first year that Fidele produced naturally processed coffee. This is the second crop processed using the dry method.
After arriving at the processing station, the cherries are washed in water tanks to remove dust and coarse dirt. They are then fermented in tanks for 15 hours.
The next day, the coffee is spread on African beds in a layer 4-5 centimeters thick. The coffee cherries are thus dried with frequent turning for about 30 days. The thickness of the layer gradually thins out, and the last five days of drying are only one centimeter thick.
Once the coffee is dried, it is shelled in a dry mill and bagged. The bags are stored on racks, so they do not lie on the ground or lean against the wall. By doing so, Fidele tries to avoid any possible contamination before export.


Red Bourbon is a tall variety of coffee plants characterized by relatively low production and susceptibility to disease and pests but excellent quality and taste. Bourbon was introduced from Yemen to Brazil around 1860, and from there, it quickly spread north to other parts of South and Central America, where it is still grown today.
The variety has been mixed here with other Bourbon-related varieties introduced from India and Ethiopian varieties. Today, wide varieties are similar to Bourbon in East Africa, but none exactly like the original Bourbon variety found in Latin America.

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