Ethiopia – Keramo Natural

Country: Ethiopia
Area: Keramo Village, Sidama
Processing station: Daye Bensa
Altitude: 2300 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Heirloom (indigenous varieties)
Processing: Natural
Taste profile: Blueberry, cheesecake, muscovado sugar

Our beloved coffee from Keramo village is back for the third time, tasting better than ever, and you’ll wish for your cup to be bottomless!

Keramo equals high quality and exceptional taste. Coffee matures slowly in the cool mountain climate, which contributes to a unique profile, density and complexity. The coffee is processed at the Daye Bensa station, where, in addition to excellent bean processing, great emphasis is placed on supporting and developing the local community.

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Producers from Keramo Village, who reside in the beautiful highlands of Bombe, are mainly small-scale farmers who collaborate with the Daye Bensa washing station. This group comprises around 1500 farmers from various parts of the mountainous area, including Keramo, Bombe, and Shantawene.


Traceability is crucial in producing microlots to ensure the highest quality possible. Therefore, meticulous records are kept at the station, documenting individual lots. When cherries arrive, they are separated by village, and the coffee is segregated during drying, processing, and storage, with detailed labels as well. In previous years, this station has produced Cup of Excellence lots.

Currently, the company is investing in upgrading processing equipment to improve quality even more and is experimenting with other processing methods such as anaerobic fermentation and honey processing, so there is certainly something to look forward to in the future!

Daye Bensa plays a crucial role not only through his processing plant but also through his exceptional commitment to community development. It actively strives to improve the farmers’ living conditions and standards, providing them with access to healthcare, services, education, and infrastructure. He collaborates with local schools and provides them with educational resources.


Mixed heirloom varietals – Beans from this region are usually small (most coffee is size 13-14), which is relatively unusual and reflects the high altitude at which the coffee is grown. The beans are known for their full and complex flavor.

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