Peru – Marcelino Natural


Country: Peru
Region: El Laurel, La Coipa, San Ignacio
Processing station: La Lúcuma
Altitude: 1750 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Marshell
Processing: Natural
Taste profile: Lime sorbet, Cola, Margarita

The altitude of the Andes, combined with the rich volcanic soil and tropical rains, create ideal climatic conditions for growing great Arabica in Peru. Marcelino Chinguel and his family, who produced this coffee, also benefited from these conditions. The coffee comes from the first-ever harvest of the Marshell variety on Marcelino’s farm.




This coffee is grown on the La Lucuma farm in Peru, where Marcelino Chinguel and his family work. Marcelino has been growing coffee for over 40 years but is still open to new ways and ideas. The whole family works on the farm: Marcelino is in charge of administration and sales, his wife is in charge of post-harvest processing, his eldest son is in charge of the harvest itself, and his younger son is in charge of the quality of the coffee produced. The family employs eight workers for the harvest season.


This coffee is processed using the natural method. After harvesting, it is hand-picked and washed, then rested for 16-24 hours. It is then moved to African beds, where it dries in the sun for 20-30 days.


The Marshell variety is one of the lesser known, and this coffee comes from the first-ever harvest of this variety at La Lúcuma Farm. Marshell is similar to Bourbon, but it is unknown whether the mutation was deliberate or natural. The variety is famous for its high productivity and complex flavor profile in the cup.

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