Indonesia – Pegasing Natural

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Country: Indonesia
Region: Panta Musarm, Pegasing, Aceh Tengah
Processing station: Team Pegasing
Altitude: 1300 -1500 m.a.s.l.
Varietal: Tim Tim & Gayo 1
Processing: Dry

Taste: chocolate covered cherries, mint ice-cream, long sweet aftertaste

Indonesia is historically one of the first countries where coffee was grown at all. The first seedlings were smuggled here from Yemen at the beginning of the 17th century by Dutch colonists. As early as 1699, coffee farms were all around the capital, Jakarta (Java Island), and in 1711, the first commercially grown coffee from Indonesia was on its way to Europe.
Over the centuries, coffee has spread to other islands – Sumatra, Sulawesi, Timor or Bali. Today, due to the coffee rust epidemic in the years 1860 – 1880, the most indonesian coffee is robusta, but thanks to the boom of speciality coffee, the cultivation of quality varieties of Arabica is slowly coming to the fore.
The traditional way of processing Indonesian coffee is the giling basah method, which brings to the coffee mainly earthy and spicy tones. Unfortunately, often with unpleasant aftertaste of various defects.
We managed to establish cooperation with a washing station in the Pegasing region, which is very advanced in the local conditions, and we buy coffees processed as washed, natural and anaerobically fermented coffees from it.

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The Team Pegasing washing station is an oasis of experimental coffee processing in an area where all beans are traditionally processed using the giling basah (wet hulled) method. Hendra’s father, Hamdan, moved to the Pegasing area in 2006 and began growing coffee on the newly purchased land. In 2010, he was joined by his son, Hendra, who, while studying old literature, came across various other methods of coffee processing, which he began to try on their farm. He teamed up with other Indonesian farmers involved in experimental coffee processing and developed 10 different methods based on demand from his customers, mainly Jakarta roasters, to emphasize the attributes of varieties and terroir.
In recent years, Hendra has invested mainly in so-called post-harvesting facilities. These are mainly cherry pulpers, drying beds or warehouses. At the processing station we can find two new depulpers, gravity washing channels and several covered African beds.
Hendra also buys coffee from 70 farmers in the area, whom he persuaded to pick only ripe cherries. If some of the farmers travel from a greater distance to deliver coffee to Team Pegasing, they will receive an extra payment for the distance.
Hendra also founded a coffee nursery, where he grows the Abyssinia variety, which was originally brought by the Dutch from Yemen. Farmers who switch to this variety on their farms are also paid extra, as this original Ethiopian variety is characterized by its low yields.


Hendra decides which method the coffee will be processed based on the weather and the demand from the clients.
After harvesting, the cherries are dried on African beds for 20-25 days, depending on the weather.


Tim Tim is the Indonesian name for the variety known as Hybrido de Timor. It is a natural hybrid of robusta and arabica discovered on a farm on the island of Timor in 1917.
Today, the variety is widely grown around the world for its resistance to disease and is used as a gene base for various projects that develop resistant hybrids – Catimor and Sarchimor in Brazil, Costa Rica 95 in Costa Rica or Ruiru 11 in Kenya.

Gayo 1 is a variety that was officially introduced in 2010 by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture as a variety that is resistant to coffee tree diseases. Although it is not entirely clear what this variety is based on, the latest gene sequences suggest that its parent variety may be Hybrido de Timor. So it is also a species that has a part of a robusta in it.

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