Timemore Chcestnut C2 Hand Grinder

We have finally found a manual grinder that would meet our expectations with its grinding quality and yours with its price and ease of use. The Timemore C2 grinder is exactly what we were looking for. You can grind coffee with it comfortably and quickly, and it won us over mainly with the quality of processing, the uniformity of the ground coffee and the clean design.

The MAX version, with increased capacity, will ensure you will have enough coffee for one grind.

Grinding stones: Steel conical stones
Material: Stainless steel, plastic, aluminum
Number of degrees of roughness: 36
Hopper volume: 30 g
The volume of the lower container: is 30 g
Weight: 0.500 kg
Volume: 30 g
Height: 16 cm

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The C2 MAX manual grinder from Timemore is suitable not only for novice baristas but also for all experienced coffee lovers. The build quality definitely stands out on the mid-range manual coffee grind stage.

Inside the all-metal body with plastic elements, you’ll find two 38mm conical hardened steel grinding stones (stone: G1) and two bearings that attach them to the axle. The all-metal container for ground coffee is attached to the body from below, which you can thread with the grinder after a few turns. On top, the Chestnut C2 is hinged by a sturdy handle with a plastic cap. The aluminum is perforated all over the surface of the grinder, so you are sure of a firm grip.

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