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Country: Honduras
Region: Las Pacayas, Copán
Processing station: Aruco
Altitude: 1500 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Lempira
Processing: natural
Taste profile: green apple, passion fruit, hot chocolate

Did you know that Honduras is the largest coffee producer in Central America? But due to its poor infrastructure and low prices have long been associated with commodity coffee production.
Farmers even smuggled their coffee across the border to Guatemala and El Salvador because they were paid more for it there. But a few years ago the situation changed: the government started investing in programs to support the improvement of producers’ technical equipment.
Thanks to this and a few other projects, it started to pay off to sell directly in Honduras and the farmers began to do it.
This has increased the quality of the coffee produced and, consequently, the production of specialty coffee.
Now, for the third time in our roastery, we offer you natural coffee from the Copán region from our proven producer Yolanda Urrea Arita.


Our coffee comes from a micro lot of the Lempira variety on the El Triunfo farm in the Las Pacayas region of Copán, Honduras. Yolanda manages the farm with her husband Luis and three sons, all of whom are studying agronomy. El Triunfo is mostly planted with the Red Catuai variety due to its high yield and good flavor. Fortunately, on the two hectares of the farm, there is some room for another variety: Lempira.
Yolanda and Luis grow it along native trees because they believe that the key to the quality of their coffee is in its synergy with the environment. Biodiversity is important in Yolanda and Luis’ farm management. They have a variety of different fruit and native trees that attract wildlife from birds to wild cats. They grow vegetables on their farms and raise cows, whose manure they use for fertilizing.


Lempira is an artificial hybrid between Hybrido de Timor and Caturra. It, therefore, carries a genetic trace of robusta, which should make it more resistant to various diseases and pests. Unfortunately, the gene is not magical: Lempira is still susceptible to some diseases, such as coffee rust and Ojo de Gallo. Thanks to the Caturra genome, Lempira is a dwarf variety: it is possible to plant more plants in less space and thus increase the profitability of farms. It is suitable for lower, warmer altitudes, as its yields are significantly reduced at higher altitudes.


All the processing of the micro-lots from the farms in the area takes place at the Aruco processing plant. There they have better control over the whole process, creating consistent procedures and reducing the risk of poor processing directly by the farmers. The Aruco station is situated at an altitude of 800 m, which provides a more stable climate for drying coffee compared to the mountains where the farms are located. Once the coffee arrives at the processing station, the sugar content of the coffee cherries is assessed and the processing procedure is decided accordingly. The cherries are then washed and sorted, and finally spread out on ‘African beds’ where they are dried for 20 to 30 days, depending on the weather.

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