Fathers & Coffee Gardens collaboration: What Will the QC Lab Look Like in Uganda?

This year marked the first origin trip since the founding of our roastery. In Uganda, our schedule included not only typical activities like visiting plantations and interacting with local farmers, but also a crucial meeting with Dana, Shake, and Donald from the processing station, Coffee Gardens. We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of a QC Lab in Uganda in collaboration with them. This facility will help Coffee Gardens and other nearby processing stations monitor the quality of coffee beans. This article will explore how such a project is coordinated from five and a half thousand kilometers away and why we need to invest in these endeavors.

What is a QC Lab?

Donald & Bára cupping Mbale
Cupping Mbala

How is the QC Lab in Uganda Beneficial?

Coffee Gardens, our processing station partner, is the exclusive supplier of green beans on the Uganda Father’s route. This initiative is facilitated by our long-term partner, Falcon Coffee, who acts as the importer. Our primary motivation is to enhance and consistently maintain the quality of their coffee. We aim to achieve this by establishing educational facilities near the station, rather than by frequent visits, which are not sustainable for us due to carbon footprint concerns. Coffee Gardens has shown great potential, further reinforcing our decision to feature their coffee throughout the year.

“It’s a matter of long-term sustainability, which I see as more effective in support and collaboration than in traveling from farm to farm and from one country to another,” adds Petr Kvasnička, who leads Fathers and manages the purchase of green beans. You may already be aware that sustainability is a key priority for us, as demonstrated by our Inzá project.

When asked why he initiated this project in Uganda with Coffee Gardens, Petr confidently states, “Because they have fantastic coffee.” The equatorial region of Uganda, where it is advantageous to foster relationships with producers, plays a significant role. These regions are less affected by climate change, enhancing our affinity for Coffee Gardens.

“Now with the QC Lab, I’m confident that we will deliver the highest possible quality,” asserts Donald Kiima from Coffee Gardens, who oversees quality control. Donald will share the QC Lab with farmers from the surrounding area, as we will be offering various workshops, staff training, and joint training sessions.

Plan A: Shipping Container

From the initial training sessions and bean testing, there is still a lot to accomplish. “We are currently on a real estate hunt in eastern Uganda, which is as amusing as it sounds,” Petr describes the current situation. Due to space limitations, we had to abandon the original plan of constructing the QC Lab from a refurbished shipping container.

We are still uncertain about the exact location in Mbale, Uganda, where the QC Lab will be established. Despite the extensive paperwork still ahead, we eagerly anticipate the first photo of smiling Donald and Dana with the message, “We did it, folks!” If you ever find yourself in the area, don’t forget to send regards from Ostrava.

The Coffee Gardens current QC lab
The Coffee Gardens current QC lab
Shak & Bára at farm
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