Capsules – Ethiopia Bombe Washed

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NESPRESSO® compatible

This coffee has been grown by small farmers of the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, high in the mountains called Bombe. Ripe cherries were hand-picked and brought for processing to the Bombe station belonging to major coffee producer Asefa Dukamo. Asefa, together with his family, manages the processing station in a very progressive and well-organised way, and with respect for the nature and ecology. Our coffee has been processed using the so-called dry fermentation method, which is a variation of the traditional Ethiopian processing method but uses significantly less water. In the cup, the processing method results in a complex and sweet flavour with notes of jasmine, bergamot, black tea and honey cake.


The first compostable capsules for all those who need a cup of specialty coffee really fast.
For a long time, we resisted capsules because we were concerned about the excessive use of plastic or aluminum.
We tried different versions of “compostable” capsules that started to appear on the market, mostly made of polylactic acid. However, after closer examination and testing, we found that it was impossible to compost them at home and the big composting plants would not accept them.
But now we have finally discovered REALLY compostable capsules, made from natural cellulose and vegetable oils, which we have successfully tested on our home-compost earthworms.
And the best part: coffee from these capsules tastes great.
If you’re in a hurry or don’t like the classic, longer brew, or maybe you’d like a simple solution for work, our compostable capsules filled with specialty coffee may be just what you need.

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