Peru – Efrain Geisha natural

Country: Peru
Region: El Corazon, Chirinos
Producer: Carhuallocllo Salvador Efrain
Altitude: 1850-2000 masl
Variety: Geisha
Processing: natural
Flavor: lilac, caramel, peach


Our new limited edition, geisha, sourced from the beautiful farms of our beloved producer Efrain. Expect sweet caramel taste, peachy notes, and floral aroma reminiscent of blooming lilacs. The flavor is so transparent that you can perceive even the subtlest tones, which will evolve with every sip.



Carhuallocllo Salvador Efrain is one of the most innovative coffee producers in all of Peru. He owns 4 hectares of land in the village of El Corazon in the Chirinos district, situated at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. Efrain takes great care of his farm and processing station with extreme precision and care. He competed in the first Cup of Excellence competition in Peru and secured 2nd place. He has also won numerous local and national competitions, making him arguably the most acclaimed producer in Peru.


After harvesting, Efrain allowed the coffee cherries to rest for 24 hours in the shade in plastic bags. They were then transferred to African beds. Here, under careful control of humidity and temperature, the drying process took place, lasting up to 40 days.


The Geisha variety is one of the most recognized and highly prized coffee varieties in the world. Originally from Ethiopia, it gained its popularity and reputation through cultivation in Colombia and Panama. It grows at high altitudes and is considered one of the best varieties overall. It is characterized by its full flavor, fruity tones, and distinctive floral aroma.

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