Colombia – El Agrado Natural

Country: Colombia
District: Pinedamó, Cauca
Processing station: El Silencio
Altitude: 1700 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Castillo
Processing: Natural
Taste profile: hazelnut, red wine, lime, milk chocolate

The high altitude of the Andes, the fertile volcanic soils, and Colombia’s tropical, equatorial climate produce excellent coffees. This one comes from the Cauca mountain region and tastes like hazelnut, red wine, lime, and milk chocolate.

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Robinson Rivera has been growing coffee for 18 years and joined the ACC organization five years ago. It aims to improve the quality of coffee, from harvest to sale. It also improves the living standards of farming families, cares for the environment in the region, and fights against social conflicts in the Cauca region.

Robinson Rivera’s farm El Silencio is 1700-1850 meters above sea level and covers 6 hectares. Mr. Rivera grows only the Castillo variety.


This coffee is processed naturally. It is fermented for 48 hours, then dried in a silo at 28 degrees Celsius. After 16 hours, the drying is interrupted, and the temperature is raised to 37 degrees until 20% humidity is reached. The coffee is fermented in plastic drums for 24 hours and then dried in parabolic dryers until 10% moisture is reached.


Castillo is the most common coffee variety grown in Colombia. It is characterized by its high resistance to coffee rust and grows into small bushes, which allow it to be planted densely. This, in turn, means many coffee cherries in a relatively small space. Some consider it inferior because it shares some genetic information with Robusta. However, research conducted by the Catholic Relief Services Borderlands Group has shown no significant difference between the Castillo and Cattura varieties in average cupping scores on blind cupping.

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