Colombia – Decaf Washed

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Country: Colombia
Region: Rio Sucio, Caldas
Processing station: Cooperativa de Caficultores de Alto Occidente de Caldas
Altitude: 1600-2000 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Colombia, Castillo & Caturra
Processing: washed – sugar cane decaf
Taste profile: candied almonds, mandarines, lime

For all the coffee enthusiasts who don’t need the caffeine fix, we have a fantastic decaffeinated option from Colombia, specifically from the village of Rio Sucio in Caldas. Its flavor combines the sweetness of candied almonds with pleasant citrus notes of mandarins and limes.
The inhabitants of the San Lorenzo community, who cultivate this coffee, believe in the goddess Pacha Mama and view the earth as a living being. For them, environmental consciousness is an absolute priority at every step of the process.




This coffee was processed by the producer group Cooperativa de Caficultores de Alto Occidente de Caldas, founded in 1964. The San Lorenzo community is located in the Rio Sucio municipality in Caldas, where 11,500 inhabitants, including 1,150 farmers, cultivate coffee in 21 communities. This area was, until recently, heavily affected by armed groups and guerrillas who sought to control this central route in Colombia. The region was not known for specialized coffee production, but with reduced tensions and improved access, it is now possible to demonstrate the quality of the available coffee.


First, the coffee is processed using the classic washed method: it is peeled, fermented for 8-12 hours, washed and then dried for 14 days.
The coffee is first steamed at low pressure to remove the skins and then moistened with hot water to swell and soften the beans. This prepares the coffee for ‘caffeine hydrolysis’, where it is washed several times with the natural compound ethyl acetate, a by-product of sugar cane processing, which draws the caffeine out of the beans. Once this process is complete, the coffee is stripped of the ethyl acetate residue using a stream of low-pressure steam and transferred to vacuum drums where it is dried to 10-12 % moisture. It is then rapidly cooled using fans and, in the final step, treated with natural carnauba wax to protect the beans from moisture loss and other external influences.


Colombian coffee is renowned for its smoothness and moderate acidity, creating an ideal balance between sweetness and fruity notes. The Castillo and Caturra varieties are common in this region, with Castillo known for its disease resistance and Caturra for its exceptional flavor and aroma. Together, they create a delightful flavor combination that you can now enjoy.

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