Japan – Sakuraba Kukicha


Sakuraba Kukicha is a Japanese green tea with a unique hint of Sakura cherry blossoms. The tea boasts a rich, light green infusion and a very pleasant, harmonious flavor with sweet undertones of Japanese cherry blossom flowers, which bring a romantic atmosphere of Japan to your cup.



The name “Kukicha” comes from the Japanese words “kuki,” meaning “stem,” and “cha,” meaning “tea.” As the name suggests, it is created by blending tea leaves with tea stems, giving it its distinctive flavor. Stems, in fact, do not impart as full and robust a taste to the resulting infusion as leaves do, which is why their combination is suitable for enhancing the aroma.

Harvest Time: Ichibancha 2023

Region: Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture

Cultivar: Yabukita + Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossom Leaves

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