Taiwan – Oolong Jian Dong Pian Si Ji Chun

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Ming Jian Dong Pian Si Ji Chun Oolong is a Taiwanese semi-green tea that not only offers a unique flavor experience but also tells a story of careful processing and preserving the traditional tea culture of Taiwan.


After harvesting, the tea leaves undergo an extended withering process, resulting in the loss of moisture and softening of the leaves. This process enhances the tea’s aroma while breaking down catechins, leading to minimal bitterness. The leaves are then lightly bruised in rollers, and finally, they are left to oxidize for several hours, creating the distinctive semi-green oolong.

The tea comes from the gardens of Mr. Chen, known for his meticulous care and excellent knowledge of tea cultivation and processing. This year’s harvest has been successful, and Mr. Chen has crafted a delightful, refreshing oolong with pronounced floral notes reminiscent of lilac, jasmine, and lily.

Harvest Time: Late January 2023

Region: Ming Jian, Nantou County

Cultivar: Si Ji Chun

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