Timemore Chcestnut C2 Hand Grinder


We were looking for long time for the perfect hand grinder that would meet our expectations with its grinding quality and your expectations with its simplicity and price.

With the Timemeore C2 grinder, we came across a grinder that exceeded our expectations with its high-quality grinding and clean design. With its weight of 430 g, it is also an excellent grinder for travel, not only for home use.
The quality of grinding is ensured by steel burrs with a size of 38 mm, which have 36 different options for setting the roughness. The stability of the stones and the central axis during grinding is ensured by double anchoring of the axis itself, which brings an even distribution of particles during grinding. At the same time, it is also thought of your hands when grinding. The improved bearing ensures that the handle still  rotates shortly after you release it. Thanks to this technology, grinding is less strenuous and at the same time more even. With its thickness of only 52 mm, the grinder is also suitable for someone with smaller hands.



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