Hario – V60 Dripper

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The V60 is the most popular Dripper in the world. We liked its plastic version, which is probably the most economical coffee tool. The plastic Dripper also has other advantages that you will undoubtedly appreciate on the go – it is light and robust. Last but not least, it also holds the temperature of the water ideally during preparation.

Manufacturer Hario (Japan)

Material Clear plastic

Weight 0.184 kg


A legend among the Dripper. The V60 from the Japanese company Hario is known all over the world, and at the same time, the whole world loves them. Thanks to its simple design and easy handling, you can find it in almost every coffee shop that offers filtered coffee. The plastic from which the Dripper is made is harmless and does not affect the final taste of the coffee. Thanks to its lightness, it is also suitable for traveling! Maintenance is also easy thanks to the material used – you can wash it in the dishwasher. The V60 designation – so typical of Hario – denotes the 60° angle that the Dripper makes, creating a unique design resembling the letter V. There are ridges on the sides of the Dripper to help drain the liquid to the bottom.

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