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Country: Kenya
Region: Ndia Division in Kirinyaga County
Processing station: Kaguyu
Altitude: 1750-1800 m.a.s.l.
Variety: SL28 & 34, Ruiru11, Batian
Processing: washed
Taste profile: Black currant, white tea, peach and lemonade

Located near Kerugoya town in the Ndia division of Kirinyaga County, Kenya, Kaguyu serves as a prominent washing station or factory, as commonly referred to in the country. The region lies on the slopes of the majestic ice-capped Mount Kenya. Kaguyu’s coffees are of high quality due to favourable climatic conditions, meticulous processing techniques, and the commitment of the cooperative members.




The Kaguyu processing station is located near Kerugoya town in Ndia Division in Kirinyaga County, Kenya. It is owned by the Inoi Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS), which has a total of 11 stations in the area. The cooperative grows coffee on a total area of 200 hectares, resulting in an annual production of 250 000 kilograms of green coffee. It has 1,000 active farmer members, and each farmer grows an average of 200-300 coffee trees.


The farmers carefully hand-pick coffee cherries and deliver them to a processing station where they undergo a double fermentation wash. The coffee ferments overnight in a dry environment and then goes through a washing process in the sorting channels. It is then soaked in clean water from the Rutui River for 24-48 hours. Finally, the beans are carefully spread out on raised beds for drying and removing defective beans.


SL 28 is a well-known and popular African coffee variety. It is resistant to drought and disease, so it is popular among farmers in various African countries.
SL 34 SL34 is a variety adapted to high altitudes and heavy rains. Unfortunately, it is susceptible to disease, but the exceptional quality of the cup compensates for this.
Ruiru 11 is characterized by its small stature and high resistance to leaf rust and other diseases.
Batian is a great variety for small growers. It is a tall variety of excellent quality and disease resistance.

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