Colombia – Hermel Alvarez Washed

Country: Colombia
Region: Anserma, Caldas
Processing station: Cooperativa de Caficultors de Anserma
Altitude: 1900 m.a.s.l
Variety: Geisha
Processing: washed
Taste profile: brownies, baked peaches and white wine

In the beautiful Colombian landscape amidst the green hills of Anserma in Caldas, a story of perseverance and success unfolds. In its center is the Cooperativa de Caficultors de Anserma, the cooperative that makes it possible for small producers like Hermel Alvarez to produce top-quality coffee and for you to enjoy this great geisha.

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Cooperativa de Caficultors de Anserma was founded in 1967. The cooperative was created at the joint initiative of local coffee growers, reflecting their shared ambition to achieve better product quality and, thus, greater profits in the coffee industry. The cooperative has excellent technical facilities for washed coffee processing, which gives opportunities to small growers who lack the infrastructure to run their own coffee processing facilities. The producer of this coffee is Hermel Alvarez, a 60-year-old farmer with a passion for coffee growing. He has 15 hectares of land, 13 of which are dedicated to coffee cultivation, and the remaining two are native rainforests. Hermel grows Geisha, Bourbon, Castillo, and Supremo varieties, 15% of which are Geisha.


Hermel likes the simplicity of processing regarding a high-quality variety and washed processing method. First, he hand-picks the ripest cherries and filters out the defective or unripe pieces by soaking them in water. This ensures that at least 95% of his coffee cherries are top quality. The cherries are then pulped and subjected to anaerobic fermentation in sealed plastic tanks for 30 hours. Subsequent washing and drying in a parabolic drying system results in an ideal moisture content of 10-11%.


The Geisha variety is one of the world’s most recognized and appreciated coffee varieties. It is originally from Ethiopia but has gained its popularity and reputation through cultivation in Colombia and Panama. It grows at high altitudes and is considered one of the best varieties ever, thanks to its full-bodied flavor, fruity notes, and distinctive aroma. Its taste is also very transparent, allowing you to discover different flavor nuances in every sip.

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