Peru Efrain – Washed

Efrain is one of the most progressive growers in Peru, and he takes care of his farm with extreme care and precision, which is brilliantly reflected in the quality of his coffee. The washed processing method imparts a clean tea-like flavor to the coffee, and in the cup, you’ll discover notes of oolong, hibiscus, and green apples.

Country: Peru
District: El Corazon, Chirinos
Processing station: Efrain
Altitude: 1850 – 2000 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Caturra, Pache
Processing: washed
Taste profile: Oolong, hibiscus, green apples

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This coffee comes from Efrain Carhualloclla, one of the most innovative coffee producers in all of Peru. Efrain Carhuallocllo Salvador owns 4 hectares of land in the village of El Corazon in the district of Chirinos, located at an altitude of 1700m. Efrain takes extreme care and precision when growing coffee. Efrain competed in the very first Cup of Excellence competition in Peru and came 2nd. Although his coffee did not win, it won the favor of many people. Many consider Efrain Carhuallocllo to be the best coffee producer in Peru; he is the most successful in terms of the number of competitions he has won.


After harvest, the coffee rests for 48 hours. It is then de-husked and left to ferment in plastic bags for 72 hours. After fermentation, it is washed and dried. Care is taken to ensure that the coffee is dried slowly and evenly to have a longer life. Efrain uses drying vessels that he places in a room with a favorable temperature and humidity and usually dries the coffee for 15 days.


Caturra is a coffee variety that originated in Brazil in the early 20th century. It is a natural mutation of the Bourbon variety. It is famous for its high yield, disease resistance, and good coffee taste. Caturra is a dwarf variety, which makes it easier to grow and harvest than larger coffee trees. The Caturra coffee fruit is medium in size and has a sweet, fruity flavor profile similar to Bourbon. This variety of coffee is generally considered very high quality and is nowadays very popular.