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It’s sweet like oranges and dried figs, but also full of floral notes of linden flower and anise – a very pleasant winter coffee. With every coffee we offer, we aim for transparency. However, this coffee is even more special to us. We’ve partnered with Siruma Coffee to help them build solar dryers in the Cauca region. How? For every package of coffee sold, we will send two dollars back – one from us, and the other one from you. Are you in?

Country: Colombia
Region: Inzá, Cauca
Processing station: Regional Inzá
Altitude: 1800 – 2100 m.a.s.l.
Processing: washed
Variety: Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Caturra and Colombia

Taste profile: orange, dried figs, linden flower, anise





The history of Inzá dates back to 1577 when the Spaniard Sancho García de Espino established a camp here. On 11 July 2003, the ASORCAFE association was founded in the town of Pedegral, near Inzá, to help local farmers and producers to grow and sell their coffee as specialty. They, therefore, provided them with a framework and structure for further training and development to improve their work’s economic and social conditions. Currently, the association has 290 members. Siruma, partners of our supplier Falcon in Colombia, began working with ASORCAFE this year.


Small producers living in Inzá work on plots of 1.8 ha – 2 ha and grow coffee to an altitude of 2100 m.
Coffee is traditionally processed here using the washed method. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are de-pulped and fermented for 20-40 hours, depending on the local environment. The coffee is then washed, the unripe beans removed, and the ripe coffee cherries are dried in parabolic dryers for 8 to 15 days, depending on the weather.


The coffee from Inzá normally has a high acidity and cane sugar flavor, coming from the volcanic lands of the Puracé Volcano. However, the Tierradentro microlot seeks to show the best of the best from the well established coffee growers in the area. This coffee has a sweeter and more floral side to it, coming from the late harvest and excellent processing skills of these few growers. It comes from farms located between 1,880m and 2,080m and it is made up of Tabi, Pink Bourbon, Caturra and Colombia varieties.

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