Mexico – Rosa Maria – Washed

From the Mexican mountains in the Veracruz region to your cup. Sweet and aromatic Rosa Maria, in which you can find notes of white chocolate, lichi and orange.

Farm Yerbabuena is a dream come true for Rosa Maria Petra de Dios Hernandez and a beautiful example that women have their place in the coffee industry.


Country: Mexico
Region: Ixhuatlán del Café, Veracruz
Processing station: Yerbabuena 1 and 2
Elevation: 1317 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Geisha, Marshellesa
Processing: Washed
Flavor Profile: lichi, milk chocolate, orange, vanilla

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Rosa Maria Petra De Dios Hernández cultivates coffee across two small farms – Yerbabuena 1 and 2 – nestled in the mountains of Veracruz, Mexico. Her journey to farm ownership began as a child, labouring on other people’s land. This planted a dream to one day have her own coffee farm.

Through hard work and perseverance, Rosa Maria and her husband purchased the land that became Yerbabuena 2. Meanwhile Yerbabuena 1 is an ejido, or communal land, inherited from her parents. Though modest in size at around 2 hectares each, these farms represent the realisation of Rosa’s aspirations.

Beyond coffee, Rosa Maria sells banana leaves for tamales, exemplifying her ingenuity. Her biggest challenges are low coffee prices and theft, sadly commonplace. But through perseverance she sustains her family’s livelihood, now with aspirations to improve processing.

Whilst her farms remain small, Rosa Maria’s accomplishment in translating her dream into reality is immense. Her story embodies the grit and grace of Veracruz’s coffee-growing women, from crop to cup.


During harvest from November to March, Rosa Maria hires two seasonal workers to selectively handpick only perfectly ripe cherries. These are then pulped and fermented for 8-12 hours based on temperature before thorough washing to isolate the beans. The parchment coffee dries naturally for 7-8 days on raised beds, turned regularly for even sun exposure.

Once ready, the parchment is stored for 2-3 months in plastic sacks and jute bags prior to its first ever export facilitated by the foundation. For Rosa Maria, this represents a landmark opportunity to showcase her coffee’s quality and secure a better price for her work.


The plots are planted with a diversity of coffee varieties – Marsellesa, Geisha and Sarchimor – grown under mixed shade cover. Fruit trees like banana, orange and guava provide nourishment and an ecosystem for the crops. Natural compost fertilizes the soils whilst regular pruning maintains optimal plant health.

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