Our favorite coffee shops in Prague

We love Prague.

It’s a beautiful city with many architectural treasures and great cafes. But sometimes it’s hard to choose between them. That’s why we’ve picked our five favorite ones where you’ll find Father’s coffee and interviewed their owners.

01. Cà phê

Cà phê is a small Vietnamese oasis in Prague’s Holešovice district. Vietnamese classics are enhanced with European style, reflected in the stylish, modern interior. It offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch menus and is open Monday to Sunday.

How did your collaboration with Father’s begin?

Our mutual friends conveyed a great bond between people, which was the start of the collaboration between Cà phê and Father’s.

What do you enjoy about Father’s coffee?

It’s exactly the kind of coffee our café was looking for: consistent quality with a rich espresso flavor that’s easy to work with. At the same time, they’re constantly coming up with new coffees that we love.

What is special or unique about your café? What can customers look forward to at your café?

Cà phê Café offers a gastronomic trip into the streets of Vietnam. Visitors can taste green pancakes, Vietnamese coffee, matcha lattes, and traditional Vietnamese dishes. They can enjoy them all in one place, accompanied by good coffee. At the same time, a lively family atmosphere flows through the café, thanks to our excellent staff and Vietnamese chefs.

02. REST cafe

A small café in the very center of Prague on Wenceslas Square. Ideal for a coffee and a delicious dessert, a quick coffee to go, or fresh coffee beans to take home. They call us their court roastery, which makes us very happy.

How did your collaboration with Father’s begin?

Look for Ondrej behind everything. First, Ondřej Štokl mentored us in the early days of the café and recommended Father’s to us. Later, Ondrej from Father’s came to us. With care and patience, he presented us with the complete range of products, and it was immediately clear to us that we were going to high-five. The cooperation was friendly from the very beginning, which we liked very much. After all, we also liked the friendly vibe and communicativeness in the café, so the mutual liking didn’t take long to develop.

What do you like about Father’s coffee?

In a word, variety. Especially with the filter because we love it at Rest. We’ve tasted a few, so we can say and write with a clear conscience that Father’s is simply the ceiling for us. The flavor and variety are something we enjoy a lot.

What is special or unique about your café? What can your customers look forward to?

Apart from being in a fantastic location right on the corner of Wenceslas Square, we boast the most smiling service far and wide and a great selection of coffee. The rich drinks menu is complemented by traditional Czech desserts, great cakes just like from grandma, but also brownies or croissants. We have a seasonal offer several times a year, and lovers of alternative kinds of milk or matcha drinks do not leave us empty-handed.

03. Kafe Kiosek

They call themselves an espresso bar in the heart of Dejvice with more roasters than m². And it’s pretty fitting. You can find the kiosk on Vítězné náměstí square and get takeaway or to-go coffee and coffee equipment.

How did your collaboration with Father’s begin?

Our collaboration started in the winter of 2019 when we started ordering the first coffee for the filter. A year after that, we switched to Father’s espresso as well, and from that point on, we’ve only been moving forward and trying new flavors.

What do you like about Father’s coffee?

We always enjoy how they name the flavor profiles at Father’s – our favorite is the butter lager. But seriously, we like the coffee and enjoy the consistency of the roast. Plus, we never had a bad batch in the few years of our collaboration. Father’s is mega reliable.

What is special or unique about your café? What can your customers look forward to?

Our Dejvice Kiosek is different from a traditional coffee shop where you sit down and deal with your emails. By its very nature and location, it offers a unique opportunity to chat with friends while standing with a cup of coffee, watch the hustle and bustle of the street, take your coffee with you, and quickly run to the bus or school. Another unique trait of our café is our ability to squeeze equipment, a bunch of packages, accessories, and two baristas into a few square meters (the kiosk is about 2.5m x 2.5m).

04. PROKOP coffee & croissants

This small business in the center between the Main and Masaryk railway stations has made it to the pages of Forbes. It is famous for its luxurious croissants with different flavors, such as chocolate ganache or Aperol cream with orange.

How did your collaboration with Father’s begin?

During her studies in Prague, Peter’s sister Týna used to come to our place for coffee. She mentioned Father’s and brought it to us to try.

What do you like about Father’s coffee?

We like Father’s on two levels. The first is quality and consistency. We don’t expect them to chase sensations, but they always pick great coffee and get the absolute most out of it every time, so we can always rely on them. And the second is that we like their story, approach to customers, and hospitality that goes beyond a purely professional relationship.

What is special or unique about your café? What can your customers look forward to?

Our goal is to give visitors an exciting experience. That’s why we only offer two things so we can fully commit to both. So whether they take away a croissant, a coffee, a packet of beans to take home, or even advice, it will always be the best we can offer.

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