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Yolanda announces her return to the menu for the second time! From a biodynamic farm in Honduras, we bring you a natural processed coffee full of sweet tones – cinnamon roll, raisins, milk chocolate and papaya.

Country: Honduras
Region: Las Pacayas, Copán
Processing station: Aruco
Altitude: 1200 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Parainema
Processing: natural
Taste profile: cinammon roll, milk chocolate, papaya, raisins

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Yolanda manages the El Triunfo farm in Las Pacayas, Corquin, Copan, with the help of her husband and three sons, all of whom are studying agronomy. The farm cultivates the pure red catuai variety, which Yolanda prefers for its high yield and good quality. The farm is small, covering only two hectares, with most of it being native forest and shade trees. The family believes that the key to coffee quality lies in the synergy between coffee and the surrounding environment.

Biodiversity is crucial for the farm’s operation. They have various fruit and native trees that attract diverse fauna, from birds to wild cats. They also grow vegetables and raise cows, using their manure to fertilize the farm. Although not certified, Yolanda and Luis manage their farms biodynamically.


All processing of micro-lots takes place at the Aruco mill to achieve greater control over the process, establish consistent procedures, and reduce the risk for producers. The mill is located at an altitude of 800 meters, providing a drier and more stable climate for coffee drying compared to farms where the weather can be less predictable.


The Paraneima coffee variety represents an interesting and relatively new addition to the world of coffee cultivars. It is known for its resistance to fungal diseases, a crucial trait for coffee growers. Its fruits have a distinctive shape, being larger, and they exhibit a pronounced flavor often associated with mild acidity.

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