Rwanda – Tumba Natural

Country: Rwanda
Region: Rulindo district, Northern Province
Altitude: 1776 m.a.s.l.
Variety: Red Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Taste profile: pomegranate, milk chocolate, lime

In Rwanda’s Northern Province, in the heart of Africa, is the Tumba processing station. The road from Kigali to Tumba lies high in the mountains. It reveals an impressive landscape of bright green hills dotted with farms as far as the eye can see. Here, the processing station operates, turning ripe coffee cherries into delicious coffee.

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Tumba Station is located in Rwanda’s Northern Province, in the Rulindo District. The farm itself, where this coffee comes from, is located on the outskirts of the town of Mukoto at an altitude of 1776 meters above sea level. It is relatively small, covering an area of 1,2 hectares.

The head of the Tumba processing plant is Vanuste Mugitaneza, who oversees its operation. His attention to detail makes Tumba one of the simplest and cleanest stations you meet. There are 12 year-round workers employed here, and an additional 95 pickers find work during the harvest season. Thanks to the favorable climate in the area, the station is open all year round, as the coffee ripens all year round.

In 2022, the station processed 290 000 kilograms of coffee cherries.


After arriving at the station, the coffee cherries are placed in a vat of water to sort out unripe or defective fruit. The coffee is then peeled on mechanical peelers, from which it goes to washing and fermentation. The coffee is then washed again and dried on African beds.


Red Bourbon is a tall variety of coffee plants, characterized by relatively low production and susceptibility to disease and pests but excellent quality and flavor. Bourbon was introduced from Yemen to Brazil around 1860, and from there, it quickly spread north to other parts of South and Central America, where it is still grown today.

Here, the variety was mixed with other Bourbon-related varieties introduced from India and Ethiopian varieties. Today, many varieties are similar to Bourbon in East Africa, but none are exactly like the original Bourbon variety found in Latin America.

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